Nov 12

Upset about Election 2016? Fund the opposition!

I have to admit it, my heart goes out to those (peaceful) marchers in the street.  I may have even cried a few tears along with the Wellesley girls (thankfully I made no video!)  However, after the tears and shock have subsided, after people come inside as the weather cools, there is an available alternative.

On November 9th I stared funding the opposition.  I’m not talking about donations to political parties.  That can wait until the next (ugh!) election cycle.  What I mean to say is that I started making donations to organizations that tend to a be a thorn in the side of Republicans and Donald Trump.

Google defines “salvo” as: A simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.  Fortunately, in a Democracy we can use our words and our checkbooks instead.  Here then is my opening salvo of donations:

  • American Civil Liberties Union – See you in court, DJT!
  • PPFA – Funding Restoration
  • United Negro College Fund – A Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste
  • National Immigration Law Center – Welcome to America!
  • The Trevor Project – DJT may not care but *I* do!

I donated $200.00 to each at this time.  If you can afford more or less go ahead and move the decimal point.  Also, there are many many other organizations that can help in this effort.  After all “The Donald” insulted or defamed a wide swath of America at one point or another.

To sum up: there is always a positive way to express yourself.  There will always be at least three four Older Liberal White Men in America: Bernie Sanders, Bill Maher, Michael Moore and myself!  Chin up and carry on!


Aug 08

Welcome to my Philosophy!

Have you ever been at a dinner or event with family and friends and started a lively discussion?  Has the discussion ever veered off into the realms of Religion, Politics, Money or Sex?  If so, you have my deepest sympathy.  We all know how hot button issues kick things up a notch.  However, my sympathy is not due to the fact that you started a conversation.  Rather, my sympathy stems from the fact that you most likely couldn’t continue or finish the conversation!

I’ve been there  – many times.  Just as I find myself about to launch into a multi-paragraph description about how I arrived at my opinion, somebody changes the topic or the soup course arrives.  Many times I suspect that people don’t even want to hear a multi-sentence justification.  The result is that nobody really learns anything and thoughtful discussion goes “by the boards”.

Thus, the purpose of this blog is to continue the discussion at more reflective times.  I plan to make the case for things I believe in and for things that I have learned over the years.  Until then, enjoy the French Onion Soup!

– Ray